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The shaman is guided by their spirit helpers which practices are right for their client during the shamanic healing session.

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How does a shaman work?

Shamanic healing works on the spiritual aspects of a person’s mental, emotional, or physical issues.  

Shamans throughout history have used various means to enter an altered state of consciousness to do this work.  Contemporary shamans use a repetitive percussive sound, such as a drum beat, at a certain range of frequencies to enter this altered state, or shamanic journey.  Then they can work on the spiritual aspects of any issues being experienced. 

There are a few basic healing practices that are effective.  The shaman is guided by their spirit helpers which practices are right for their client during the shamanic healing session. A shaman restores a person’s linkage to their personal power.

Soul Retrieval

Whenever we experience a serious trauma, a part of our life energy, or soul, can split off from us and end up staying in that place.  Then this life energy is no longer available to help us in living a full life.  Shamans can locate the life force or soul part that has been separated and return it to us, enabling us to move forward with more of ourselves intact.

Power Animal Retrieval

A power animal is very similar to a guardian angel in many other traditions, but usually takes the form of an animal.  Their job is to support us living safely and powerfully.  They can protect us from bad luck or challenges in our lives.  A shaman journeys to retrieve a power animal for a client, and then invite the client to welcome the power animal, who then walks with them in their daily life.


Extraction involves removing a spiritual intrusion.  It can be anything that doesn’t belong in our energy field.  These typically come unintentionally from someone who directs anger at us, but can also be sent intentionally.  A spiritual intrusion can interfere with the health of a body, and the shaman works with their helping spirits to remove it.  Then the body and energy field can function at its optimal level.

Intuitive Guidance

Shaman’s work with their helping spirits to help clients to clarify the best next steps on their journey.  Guidance can support clients with relationships, careers, mental and physical wellness, and spiritual development.


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